LIFTGEL - Anti-cellulite cream


Reduces cellulite on all skin types, provides antioxidant protection and promotes elasticity and firmness

  • 200 milliliters
  • Rapid absorption
  • Helps remove excess fluid
  • Improves skin firmness and appearance
  • Reduces orange peel effect

LIFTGEL is a white gel that is easy to apply and slightly scented that facilitates massage, helping to obtain great softness on the skin.

Cosmetics made from Mediterranean active ingredients

Laminaria algae extract. Artichoke extract.

It also includes other active ingredients such as: pineapple extract, caffeine and L-carnitine.

In combination with Issage devices, optimal results are achieved, deeply moisturizing and helping to protect the skin.


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Cosmetics made from Mediterranean active ingredients


Helps eliminate excess fluid.
Treatment of targeted fat areas.
Provides moisturizing properties and helps improve the general appearance of the skin.


Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.
Antioxidant power and skin protector.

Other active ingredients


Regulates transepidermal water loss thanks to its ability to retain water, preventing dehydration.
Creates a protective film on the skin, preventing and delaying transepidermal water loss.
Eliminates dead cells facilitating the penetration of active ingredients and significantly improves the general appearance of the skin.
Good stimulant of cell regeneration.
It promotes a thinning of the stratum corneum, in addition to improving the flexibility of the skin surface.
The presence of vitamin C in pineapple makes it a good stimulant of collagen synthesis, promoting elasticity and improving the firmness and appearance of the skin.


Powerful antioxidant that slows down cellular aging.
It crosses well the layers of the skin until it reaches its place of action, ensuring excellent dermal diffusion.
Eliminates fat by generating heat through metabolic reactions, lipolysis (fat removal) is enhanced.
Remodels and reduces cellulite.


B vitamins (Vitamin Bt) It accelerates the lipid combustion process and facilitates the transport of fat chains to proceed with their elimination, gradually replacing the accumulations of fat with muscle tissue.
Fat-devouring molecule, directly related to the formation of orange peel.
The more L-carnitine there is, the more fats are burned and therefore the reducing effect is produced.
The greater the presence of carnitine, the less the "orange peel" effect.

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