MASSAVIB - 3D percussion massage bar


With only 15 minutes you will easily relieve muscle pain

  • Vibrating massage head
  • 2 speeds for a personalized massage
  • Massage with 3D percussion and vibration system
  • ISSAGE EASY SELFUSE ergonomically designed long handle
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant design
  • Works connected to the electrical network
  • Suggested usage time: 15 minutes

MASSAVIB easily relieves muscle fatigue and pain by vibration in deep tissue such as neck, back, shoulder, muscles, arms, legs, calves and feet.

In combination with the new ISSAGE Mediterranean cosmetics, based on plant extracts and active ingredients from the Mediterranean, an expert treatment is achieved with optimal, unique and surprising results.


Category: Todos Health
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Muscle relaxation and relief.
Shoulder massage.
Muscle knots.
Lumbar massage.
Tight muscles.

Handheld electric massager for a 3D percussion massage with professional technique and vibration system. Repetitive movement accelerates blood circulation and helps muscles recover quickly.

A quick massage will not only help you relax your body, it also increases blood circulation, increases joint flexibility and decreases symptoms of depression and anxiety. You can speed up your recovery time and relieve some of the stress, fatigue, tension, and pain.

Massage with professional vibration technique to reach the deep tissue through percussion. The L-shaped percussion massage head helps relieve sore muscles by working deep tissue in the neck, back, shoulder, muscles, arms, legs, calves and feet.

Personalized electric percussion massage with two speeds to control the intensity and adapt it to your needs.
3D percussion massage and vibration system that quickly regenerates muscle fatigue. Energize your body, promote blood circulation, pain relief and sleep recovery.
Massage bar for a self-massage always available as it works connected to the electrical network.
With only 15 minutes of use, it is ideal for shoulder massage, muscle knots, lumbar massage, tense muscles, relaxation and muscle relief.

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MASSAVIB - 3D percussion massage bar

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