VAPFA NANOSTEAM PRO - Professional nano-ionic facial steamer


Facial sauna with mirror function and adjustable nozzle

  • Keep temperature constant
  • Steam nanoparticle spray nozzle
  • 30-second quick start and 15-minute wide-range continuous steam
  • Touch control
  • LED light
  • Easy lock water tank
  • 70 milliliter removable reservoir
  • Non-slip base for safe use

With VAPFA NANOSTEAM PRO from ISSAGE you will get clean and deeply hydrated skin.
Younger skin!

ISSAGE offers you expert treatments thanks to the combination of this device with the latest generation mediterranean vegetable cosmetics , achieving optimal results.


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Facial spa with ionic nano spray thermal steam for deep cleaning

Opens pores to cleanse, deeply hydrate and gradually rejuvenate your skin.
Optimizes the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments.
Precise and constant temperature to open and moisturize skin pores. The nanoparticles of water vapor penetrate deep into the pores, deeply hydrating and rejuvenating the skin.
Improve the absorption of your cosmetic products and maximize their benefits.

The Vapfa Nanosteam Pro facial steamer is a new type of steamer that generates ionic steam.
Steam combined with ionic water particles is up to 10 times more effective at penetrating the skin than basic hot water vaporizers.


It opens the pores, facilitating the removal of pimples, blackheads, traces of makeup and impurities.
Purifies and hydrates the dermis in depth thanks to the penetration of water nanoparticles.
Relaxes the muscles providing a feeling of well-being.
It stimulates glandular function, helping to eliminate toxins.
Promotes blood circulation and clears the nasal passages.
Increases tissue oxygenation at the cellular level.
Bactericidal and germicidal effect, which helps to eliminate bacteria and purify the skin in depth.

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VAPFA NANOSTEAM PRO - Professional nano-ionic facial steamer

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