OPTIMALEG - Ergonomic viscoelastic foam pillow with memory foam


The orthopedic memory foam pillow with the perfect size for your legs

  • Advanced High Density Memory Foam
  • Cool, breathable design with ergonomic contouring
  • Ideal for legs, ankles and knees
  • Fits thighs comfortably
  • Promotes a better night's sleep and keeps you cooler at night
  • Natural orthopedic alignment, ideal for side resting and better sleep.
  • The cover is removable and can be put in the washing machine

An ergonomic leg pillow designed to reduce pressure from poor sleeping posture, which causes discomfort.
Its new Memory Foam system, developed by Issage, makes it the only pillow to support your legs and knees.


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With OPTIMALEG you will have better support, correct posture and comfort for:

Align your spine when sleeping on your side.
Prevent you from suffering from the back, hip and joints.
Help you during your pregnancy.
To improve your sleep.

Leg, knee and hip pain.
Sciatic and lumbar pain.
Back and neck pain.

Body posture.
Blood circulation.
Improved rest and sleep cycles.

Longer support to keep hips, legs and knees in alignment. Extra thick support at the top to cushion the knees. Optimizes pressure distribution evenly. Avoid bone-to-bone friction.

The center tilt accommodates the natural position of the thighs to hold the pillow in place throughout the night. Proper alignment for sleep is achieved.

Tapered edges and a concave center cradle your thighs and knees comfortably, allowing you to move freely, change sleeping positions, and bend your knees.

Curved design to comfortably fit the pelvic region for men and women. It adapts to your body for more comfort throughout the night.

Cover made with a special fabric that provides a cool and dry rest. High quality memory polyurethane foam interior.

With removable zippered cover for easy cleaning. Allows washing in a washing machine. Breathable cover.

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OPTIMALEG - Ergonomic viscoelastic foam pillow with memory foam

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